My Thoughts From the Scottish Countryside: The Quality Pilates Experience

Quality Pilates Experience

I am currently enjoying some quality time up in Scotland, and what tends to happen when I’m away is that I get super inspired, creative, and driven. I have so many ideas and can think and write more clearly. It’s where most of my book, HOPE For Your Pelvic Floor was written and where I […]

How My Love Affair with Pilates and the Reformer Began

The reformer

It’s the season of love, or so the media and marketing campaigns from card companies and chocolate makers would have us believe. Isn’t it always the season for love? At the studio, we are feeling the love for the Reformer.   Reformer was my first true Pilates love and I didn’t even know it was […]

How Positive Language Can Change your Life

Positive language

We have inherited language and labels given to our anatomy and movement physiology that have influenced our beliefs and how we inhabit our bodies.    Take the label or language of the Pelvic Floor. An area I have spent many years focusing on in my Whole Body Pelvic Health method and my book Hope For […]

The Polestar Comprehensive Course

The Polestar Comprehensive Course

The Polestar Comprehensive Course Are you thinking about training to be a Pilates teacher in 2024? Have you been considering adding something else to your toolkit, your career or perhaps you fancy a change? The Polestar Comprehensive course trains you to use all of the equipment developed from the designs of Joe Pilates: Reformer, Trapeze […]

Find your whole body core

find your whole body core

Find your whole body core by Claire Sparrow I hope you enjoyed the exercises that I introduced in my last blog based on the Pilates principle of breathing. This week we are going to skip ahead to the principles of Control and centring. People often ask if Pilates is good for your core? I usually […]

Five Pilates Breathing Exercises

Pilates Breathing with my top five exercises

Five Pilates Breathing Exercises By Claire Sparrow As we all gear up to face the festive season I thought it would be useful to share a series of short blogs that will give you some tips and prompts of how you can continue your mind body practice of Pilates, stay healthy and reduce your stress […]

Claire Sparrow International Best Selling Author

Claire Sparrow’s Blog Skyrockets to International Bestseller Status It’s a time of celebration for the whole community at Chapel Allerton Pilates and Claire’s Whole Body Pelvic Health Method community and, most especially, for Claire Sparrow. We are elated to share that Claire’s groundbreaking book, “HOPE for your Pelvic Floor,” has been recognised as an international […]

Pelvic Health Cafe

pelvic health cafe

Pelvic Health Cafe Our Pelvic Health Cafe runs at Chapel Allerton Pilates and it is FRE. The Pelvic Health cafe provides a forum for discussion and a place to share the collective knowledge of multi-generations of women on the topics around pelvic health. The Pelvic Health cafe fulfils the gap in women’s health opportunities and […]

Chapel Allerton Pilates – Looking Back

Chapel Allerton Pilates - Looking Back

Chapel Allerton Pilates – Looking Back by Claire Sparrow What an incredible and fun open day we had in september 2023. It was wonderful to welcome so many new faces many of which you, our existing and loyal clients invited along because you knew your friends and family would enjoy the benefits of Pilates with […]

🍂 Embrace the Autumn Equinox: Finding Balance in Life Through Pilates 🍂

Finding Balance in Life Through Pilates

Finding Balance in Life Through Pilates As the leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the natural calendar: the Autumn Equinox. This celestial event marks the perfect balance between daylight and darkness, reminding us of the importance of equilibrium in our own lives. […]

Online Pilates Classes

online pilates class

Online Pilates Classes The question I get asked the most about (primarily free) follow-along classes on YouTube or other platforms. My answer is, more often than not: “if you find something good out there, let me know!” It also freaks me out when people tell me they’ve injured this or tweaked it from doing one […]