New to Pilates? You are in the right place.

We specialise in Pilates for beginners.

Suppose you’re looking to start Pilates because you’re experiencing pain or you’re post-surgery. In that case, we will work with you to achieve the goal of moving through your day pain-free or recovering from surgery with ease, gentle rehabilitation, and strength. 

We have a great value New to Pilates class pass, which allows you to try a range of classes to find the right fit for you; five studio classes for £69.


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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique exercise and movement system created to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Pilates integrates movement with breath within the capabilities of proper body mechanics.

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Benefits of Pilates

Through regular Pilates practice, you will increase your body awareness and begin to use all of the body’s muscles as they were created to move.

Many Pilates exercises focus on the pelvis and abdominal region, utilising stability and mobility to train the body.

We offer a range of classes at Chapel Allerton Pilates including; Reformer Pilates, Springwall, Studio Equipment, 1-2-1’s, Pilates Gyms, Pre-natal and Post-natal. We have beginner-friendly options and mixed-level classes.

If you are a complete beginner and have issues with pain or any other health conditions such as osteoporosis or back pain, we recommend you book a 1-2-1 with one of our Pilates

experts. Following a 1-2-1, they will direct you to a suitable class. If you are a beginner with no previous health conditions, you can join a beginner or mixed-level class

You don’t need to bring anything other than yourself and a positive mindset to make healthy changes that you can adopt for life.

Pilates can be practised on a mat using your own body and sometimes small props or specialised Pilates Apparatus. Pilates Reformer is very popular and is more recognisable than it was ten years ago due to more celebrities actively practising Reformer Pilates.

Pilates is for everybody and every body. All body types, levels of fitness, and ages are welcome at our friendly studio. Part of the beauty of the Pilates method is that it can be modified to fit the needs and abilities of each individual.


Next Steps

If you are new to Chapel Allerton Pilates you can purchase our New to Studio class pass, which is five studio classes including; Reformer Pilates, Springwall and Studio Equipment for just £69.

It’s really easy to book a Beginners Pilates class with Chapel Allerton Pilates.

Simply view our timetable below or on the Mind Body app, then select a class that works with your schedule and choose a pricing option. 

We offer drop in classes or you can purchase a class pass. Class passes offer you a discounted rate. All class passes have expiry dates so please ensure you check the terms and conditions at the point of purchase.

Pilates timetable

View our timetable

We run a range of in-person and online Pilates classes six days a week from 7am right through to 8:30pm. Have a look at the timetable to find the right class that works with your schedule

Pilates pricing

View our pricing

We offer a range of pricing options depending on whether you want a one off class or if you want to come more regularly a class pass option might work better for you.

New to studio

Purchase New to Studio pass

If you are new Chapel Allerton Pilates our New to Studio five class pass allows you to try 5 different Pilates equipment-based classes for £69.

Pilates 1-2-1

Book a 1-2-1

If you are suffering with a serious injury, ailment or recovering from surgery we recommend you book a 1-2-1 before you join a class.


Purchase New to Studio class pass

Try any studio class with this 5 equipment-based class pass for £69 just £12 a class. 3 week expiry.

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5 Class studio equipment pass

This 5 class pass can be used for Reformer Pilates, Springwall and Studio Equipment classes. £78.40. 6 week expiry.

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10 class studio equipment pass

This 10 class pass can be used for Reformer Pilates, Springwall and Studio Equipment classes. £148.50. 3 month expiry.

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If you want to join us for a one off class you can purchase a studio drop in for £16.50.

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