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At Chapel Allerton Pilates we are experts at working with those who have never done Pilates, people looking for rehabilitation post-surgery or those with long-term health issues. Whatever your experience, we can help.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates Classes

We offer small, intimate classes with expert teachers ranging from Reformer Pilates, Springwall, Studio Equipment, Pre and Post Natal, and online mat. Whatever you’re looking for we can help.



We recommend a 1-2-1 session if you have a health condition such as osteoporosis or you’re recovering from surgery. Our popular 1-2-1 sessions offer you a full assessment of your body and mobility with guidance on classes to suit your needs.

Do you struggle with?

Clients come to us with a range of reasons to start Pilates. Often they have been referred or encouraged to start Pilates to help with pain management, to prepare for surgery or recover post surgery, injury rehabilitation, in pregnancy and post-natally. There are so many reasons to start Pilates.  
Pilates for back pain
Back Pain?

1 in 6 adults in the UK suffer with backpain. One of the best ways to prevent back pain is to keep your back muscles strong and to add Pilates movement into your daily life.

Pilates for poor posture

Pilates helps you hold your body the right way, focusing on your posture to improve your current posture and avoid more pain, injuries, and other health problems.

Lack of Flexibility?

Did you know a lack of flexibility, especially in the hamstrings, can exacerbate pain in the lower back? A regular Pilates practice will improve your overall flexibility and minimise symptoms.


The aging process leads to distinct muscle mass and strength loss, therefore it is important to build strength through Pilates to improve balance and coordination and so much more.

pelvic floor dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction comes in many forms. from posterior wall prolapse, Diastaisis Recti to incontinence and with these issues comes pain and not being able to live the life you deserve to live.

do you have AN ongoing illness or injury?

If you have an injury, illness or ailment or you are awaiting surgery or are in recovery we highly recommend a 1-2-1 pilates session before you join a group class. 
A 1-2-1 offers a full movement screening and your teacher will assess you and guide you on the next steps in your Pilates journey to help you improve your health and reach your goals. View our 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 pricing here. 

how is your pelvic health?

If you are suffering with pelvic health issues, pre or post natally we highly recommend a 1-2-1 with pelvic health expert Claire Sparrow. 
Claire is in high demand for 1-2-1’s so we also recommend her pre and post natal courses as well as a her popular Pre-Pilates Whole Body Pelvic health method as seen in the press. View Claire’s Pilates 1-2-1 pricing.

ONE TO ONE & TWO TO ONE prices- 55 minutes

claire sparrow - second generation teacher, mentor and studio owner
senior teacher - ria slade, sarah stonier, whitney vauvelle

ONE TO ONE & TWO TO ONE prices- 45 minutes

claire sparrow - second generation teacher, mentor and studio owner
senior teacher - ria slade, sarah stonier, whitney vauvelle


Studies have shown that Pilates improves the quality of life by having a positive effect on depression and pain, most notably decreasing back pain.
Whatever your level of experience we have a range of Pilates classes and styles of Pilates in our Leeds-based Pilates studio.
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"I always leave my class feeling like everything is back in alignment and my posture is improved. The studio is such an incredibly calming space. As soon as I ‘just breathe and arrive’ (as Ria says!) on the reformer after a stressful day at work I feel so relaxed and ready for a good stretch".
Yvonne Mountford
"The instructors at Chapel Allerton Pilates have a real commitment to helping people develop and learn. The quality of the classes and the one to one work they do is very high. I've recommended it to others down the years and those who have followed up my advice have not been disappointed"
Stuart Merrit
"I have had Sarah as my teacher for many years and she really understands my limitations as an over 70yr old and a bit decrepit in places! She makes the class fun and I always look forward to her lessons."
Hillary M
"Chapel Allerton Pilates is a little oasis of personal care in North Leeds. The teachers are amazing and always attentive to any injuries or long term conditions of class members. Their knowledge is exemplary, as is their commitment to making every class enjoyable and doable!"
Jenny Roberts
"All the teachers I that I have worked with are very skilled. They are both challenging and kind. My hip and back pain has all but disappeared and I have developed much more strength for hill walking, cycling, running and cross country skiing. I am in my sixties and have enjoyed Spring Wall, Reformer and Pilates Gym classes for almost two years, in the Studio and via Zoom."
Sue Tuffin
"My back and neck problems have improved no end since starting Pilates. All the staff here are lovely; friendly, knowledgable, and absolutely love Pilates. When the classes went online because of covid I couldn’t attend my usual springwall session and my health definitely suffered. Then I found a mat class that I love just as much and my aches and pains are subsiding once more!."
Julie Balfour
"Years of medication left me with osteoporosis of the lower spine. I wanted to strengthen this area, along with the rest of my body. After around a year of regular Pilates I was amazed & so happy when my bone scan showed that my bones had improved & I was no longer considered to have osteoporosis. ."
Sue Kirkby

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