At Chapel Allerton Pilates, we want to get people to move more, move well, live healthily, and appreciate the body’s extraordinary capacity that is unique to them.


Yes. We can adapt specifically for you and Pilates can help! Some of our female clients have even reversed osteopenia through their Pilates practice.

Up to 12 weeks you can attend your standard Pilates class. After this point we would suggest the Pre Natal Class.  If you are new to Pilates we advise you begin this class after 12 weeks.


Pilates is suitable for anyone who would like to improve posture, core strength, and flexibility.  Pilates will give you energy, improve your everyday movement and function, and is great fun and focused way to work out.

If you practise Pilates with us we aim to help you become more embodied and live your life free from pain allowing you the freedom to do the activities you want to do in your life. Pilates is also a fantastic for injury prevention and rehabilitation so it’s always there for you, no matter what your current situation.

Our studio boasts a world-class teaching team run by Director Claire Sparrow who is a Second Generation Pilates teacher and Mentor. Our wealth or experience and knowledge positions us as a leading Pilates studio with full apparatus to give you the best possible Pilates experience.

Many of our teachers have cured their own health issues with Pilates and gone on to teach because of the profound affect it had on them.

Pilates can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety because it is a mindful practice where you connect with your physical  body and breath.


We advise everyone to have a 45 Minute Introduction to Pilates but it is not compulsory. A 1-2-1  session will orientate you to the Pilates equipment as we screen you and guide you to the most beneficial class for you. This is very important if you have a health condition or are recovering from an injury. If you are fit and well you can book onto any beginner or mixed level class.

Start with a 121 if:

If you have had a major surgery e.g.  Joint replacement 

have been recommended Pilates by a health care professional

Have a health condition such as osteoporosis, herniated disc etc

Yes, we run a range of beginner-friendly classes. As a beginner with no prior health conditions such as osteoporosis or an injury, you can also join any beginner or mixed-level class.

You can view our timetable here and each class description tells you the level of the class.


Yes, if you are new to the studio you can purchase our 5 class New to Studio pass which costs £69. This can be used on Reformer Pilates, Springwall, and Studio Equipment so is extremely good value for money. It allows you to try out a range of classes at different times so you find the right class for you. We can help guide you to a suitable class if you need help. This pass a strict 21 day expiry date. 

You can download the Mind Body Connect App from the App Store.  Search for Chapel Allerton Pilates and add us to your favourites. You can manage your bookings and payments there. Alternatively register and book right here (CLICK)

Payment is made securely via the website or via the Mind Body app prior to attending your class

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. We ask that you cancel online and text your teacher. if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice we will endeavour to fill your appointment.  If we can you won’t be charged, if we can not you will be charged as per our terms and conditions. (Terms & Conditions link)

Street parking is available on the single yellow lines surrounding the studio except during rush hours.


Comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily and allows us to see you moving. 

We advise not to wear leggings with zips on the outside and not to wear stripes.

We have a no-shoe policy. When you arrive in the waiting area please remove your shoes and leave them in the shoe areas provided. There might be classes taking place but just come on through the studio and have a seat in the waiting room to the left.  Help yourself to refreshments and there is a changing room if you need it.

We have all the equipment and water available so just you.