Our Studio Equipment classes are a full-body Pilates experience using Pilates equipment.


The pilates apparatus reaches corners of the body other exercises simply can't reach. Pilates equipment awakens muscles you didn't know you had, giving you the energy and vitality you need to live a pain-free, varied and fulfilling life.

Our Studio Equipment classes include the use of the Pilates Reformer, Ladder Barrell, Cadillac and spine corrector.



Reformer is the original apparatus created by Joseph Pilates to ensure you access the correct muscles in all the right places in every movement you do. You always know you are 'getting it' because the Reformer gives you instant feedback. The Pilates Reformer supports you, assists you and and gives you vital feedback like your personal pilates teacher.


The Cadillac

Injuries and pain are no match for the Cadillac, the ultimate Pilates apparatus! The Cadillac looks reminiscent of a hospital bed with springs, straps, and bars that help you get stronger faster.

There are many reasons professional athletes and A-list celebrities work out using the Pilates apparatus. Whether it’s to improve sports performance, function in everyday activities, or get out of long-term pain like Jenifer Anniston, they all turn to the Pilates Apparatus.

Pilates Cadillac

Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector

If you feel like your posture has become chair-shaped and needs the ultimate stretch out, the Ladder Barrel and the aptly named Spine Corrector are designed to undo the damage of excess sitting, driving, and mobile phone use. You are in control of your body including your posture and it's important to think about this now and as you get older. As we age we naturally become more stooped as and we also lose some of our height and change our gait (walking.) There are several factors that predispose us to have altered posture as we age. Our bones, muscles and joints are all part of the musculoskeletal system that defines our posture. The backbone or vertebral column is made up of bones called vertebra, joint-like spaces called intervertebral discs, and muscles. Age has a pronounced effect on all three and over time the back tends to curve forward resulting in an increasingly stooped posture.

Ladder barrell

The apparatus knows no limits! There are no requirements to be a certain age or size, have Pilates experience, be over an injury, or wear special Pilates clothes. Between the expert teaching from the most experienced and qualified team in the North and the state-of-the-art apparatus, we will teach you all you need to know!