At Chapel Allerton Pilates, we want to get people to move more, move well, live healthily, and appreciate the body’s extraordinary capacity that is unique to them.


Our studio is devoted to people and Pilates, and we strive to provide an environment that is calm, relaxing, and inspires movement. 

We understand that you might encounter pain, need surgery, and may have longstanding ailments over time. Pilates can help whatever you have going on in your body.

Our Pilates classes in Leeds have helped hundreds and thousands of people like you. Read their real stories and watch them tell you how Pilates changed their lives for the better.


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Classes are great and are set at small numbers so that they can individualise and help support with any adjustments. I always leave my class feeling like everything is back in alignment, and my posture is improved. The studio is such an incredibly calming space. As soon as I ‘just breathe and arrive’ (as Ria says!) on the reformer after a stressful day at work, I feel so relaxed and ready for a good stretch! And last and by no means least the teachers. They are all friendly, knowledgeable, and have a massive commitment to helping their clients achieve their goals.
Yvonne Mounford
Chapel Allerton Pilates provides a highly personal and supportive experience. All the teachers I that I have worked with are very skilled. They are both challenging and kind. My hip and back pain has all but disappeared and I have developed much more strength for hill walking, cycling, running and cross country skiing.
Sue Tiffin
My back and neck problems have improved no end since starting Pilates. All the staff here are lovely; friendly, knowledgable, and absolutely love Pilates. When the classes went online because of covid I couldn’t attend my usual springwall session and my health definitely suffered. Then I found a mat class that I love just as much and my aches and pains are subsiding once more! Viva Chapel Allerton Pilates 🙂
Julie Balfour
Chapel Allerton Pilates is a little oasis of personal care in North Leeds. The teachers are amazing and always attentive to any injuries or long-term conditions of class members. Their knowledge is exemplary, as is their commitment to making every class enjoyable and doable! For me, it has been an absolute lifeline in enabling my joints to stay mobile and reduce my back and neck pain. The in-studio classes on the reformer are lovely, my fellow Pilates participants make the class a lot of fun, and the zoom classes through lockdown allow us to keep our Pilates practice going despite being stuck at home! Highly recommend.
John Doe
Chapel Allerton Pilates could very well be one of my most favourite places you feel so relaxed as soon as you enter The Pilates reformer class with Whitney is fantastic , Whitney is so knowledgeable with a wealth of experience having trained at a high level . She always brings so much energy and humour to every class ensuring posture is correct for the best benefits with the excellent equipment on offer . A class I always look forward and highly recommend.
Jacqui Bailey
Chapel Allerton Pilates is incredible - the whole ethos is more than a studio; it's a movement community. Everyone is welcome no matter their experience; it is all met with care and personalisation. I have been attending classes since the opening year - my knowledge and appreciation of Pilates has grown through this time. The commitment to keeping people moving through the pandemic is second to none and has basically got me through the difficult days and motivated me to move more for my mental health and to support my future health. You should give them a try - there is something for everyone, and you will be made part of an incredible family.
Hannah Farley