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Refine how you move and feel in your own body from home

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Your Mat Pilates Practice is your way to refine how you move and feel in your own body in class and in life. We teach beyond the traditional 34 Mat Pilates exercises as science, and the world we live in has evolved; we let that inform how and what we teach you so that your Mat Pilates Practice is functional for your life. This means we teach you how to efficiently extend your spine from the forward head posture, round shoulders, and tight hips from sitting, desk work & driving, and strengthen your muscles & bones to help build bone density & defy gravity. .

online mat pilates

Mat classes at chapel allerton pilates

Mat classes at Chapel Allerton Pilates teach you how to stand tall, hold your own body weight, effectively find and activate your core and give you a mindfulness movement practice you can do daily. We are also proud to help people get out of pain and stay out of pain from sciatica to migraines, improve and restore pelvic organ prolapse and separated abdominals.

Our studio director Claire Sparrow is the most qualified teacher in our region, being Internationally Certified by the Pilates Method Alliance and, most importantly, a Second Generation Teacher certified by Lolita San Miguel Pilates Elder certified by Joseph Pilates himself. These postgraduate qualifications take hundreds of hours over decades and thousands of pounds of investment. Each teacher at Chapel Allerton Pilates has invested similar time and finance into their certification and ongoing education. Although we pride ourselves in this ongoing education here at Chapel Allerton Pilates, the minimum qualification is Polestar International Comprehensive and additional advanced anatomy and teaching skills.

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All of this influences the depth and variety within our mat classes; they are more than a fitness class; they educate and empower you to move well and enjoy moving your body in all areas of your life. Every exercise and how we teach has a reason, a direct relationship to what you need in your body, not a one size fits all approach that tries to fit an exercise on you. Instead, we adapt and teach you based on your goals, learning style, and our knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Joseph Pilates created mat Pilates for his students to do as a home practice between their studio apparatus sessions with him. It was based on a whole-body workout that applied the skills students were working on in the studio. It was created in the 50’s before computers and technology so pervasive and when we walked a great deal more than we drove. Since then, science has moved on and we move less.

When Pilates came to the UK officially in 2000, it entered the fitness industry and the fitness industry applied their standards which differed from the vision and mission of its creator Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates inherently understood movement, anatomy and what was lacking in society's movement nutrition. His method filled that gap. It was the mind, body, whole body health, not an exercise regime done repetitively, mindlessly, to music or learned during a weekend fitness or combined with any other modality. So while we are not a classical Pilates studio, we are traditional and aligned to Joseph Pilates's mission and vision for his method and the needs of our society to have conscious control and responsibility of their own body, not at its mercy and an ability to prevent many illnesses, so we are less reliant on our health care services. Pilates is a great way to learn about your body and health and prevent so many general ailments.

mat pilates