Charlotte Bourke

What brought you to Pilates:

A particularly long bouldering session resulted in a fall, a spinal fracture, and a back brace for an exceptionally long time. I was introduced to Pilates when I first began my recovery and was encouraged to be open-minded and trust the process. This was when I realised how noisy my body had been and how numb my brain was to listening to it. Slowing down, finding the feedback my body had been giving me all along, was immense! I loved teasing out, hydrating, and exploring my body’s potential for movement.

What do you love about Pilates:

– It is for everyone, and it is individual to everyone.
– Connecting with people
– Supporting people
– It’s fun!
– Moving from the inside out
– Exploration of your own body’s potential for movement.
– It’s not just about Pilates; it’s about how your practice can enrich all other aspects of your life!

Your experience with Pilates:

– I have found empowerment, clarity, and ownership of my body again after my injury. It’s a joy to support others in exploring that same empowerment, ownership, and confidence in their body’s abilities.
– It has enriched my everyday life: improving my outlook, resilience and attitude.

Years Teaching :
Years Practising Pilates :
Speciality :
One word to describe teaching style:
Advice about Pilates:


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