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Meet Our New Sunday Pilates Teacher

Charlotte Bourke

Meet Our New Sunday Pilates Teacher

A Fresh Start on Sundays

At Chapel Allerton Pilates, we believe that Sundays are not just for relaxation but also for rejuvenation. As the week winds down, it’s the perfect time to recalibrate, refocus, and re-energise for the week ahead. And what better way to do that than with Pilates? We’re excited to introduce a new face to our Sunday sessions, bringing a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to our studio.

Sundays with a Twist

There’s something magical about Sundays. The calmness of the morning, the promise of a new week, and the opportunity to take a moment for oneself. At Chapel Allerton Pilates, we’re adding a sprinkle of that magic to our studio with new classes and a new teacher who’s passionate about helping you find your rhythm.

Meet Charlotte…

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Pilates teacher who will be taking over some of our Sunday classes at Chapel Allerton Pilates. Let’s dive into a conversation with them to learn more about what they offer and why you should join their classes.

1. Talk to us about your Sunday classes. What do you run, who are they for and why should people come?

On Sundays we start with ‘Rise and Shine Reformer’. An awesome way to start your Sunday! This class is for anyone who enjoys the community of a class environment whilst working with the reformer. I suppose it’s also a bit of a prerequisite that you’re an early riser too haha!

I then move into the Equipment Studio to teach ‘Pilates Gym’. This class is for anyone that has a specific goal, working through their own personal programme in a small group environment on the apparatus. This includes the Trapeze table, Ladder Barrel, Reformer, Chair and Spine Corrector.

I’ll then spend some time working with people in ‘121 Sessions’ in the Studio. These sessions are for anyone who feels they would benefit from working 121 with me. I absolutely encourage a dialogue between the two of us as we work together in a way that you feel safe and supported, deepening your understanding of your movement and your own body.

And of course, taking some time to move myself at the end of the day!

2. In your own words what is Pilates Gym, who is it for and how does it work?

I love that this class exists! The studio equipment can hold quite a sense of mystique. This class is a great way to build your confidence in how to use the equipment for your body and your needs. It’s a perfect marriage of the community of a class, with the personalised element of working through your bespoke programme. As you work through your programme you will feel empowered in taking ownership of the apparatus and your own movement and whilst being held in a supportive space.

Before you join this class you must have attended two 121 sessions. In these 121 sessions we will work through a full movement screening in order to create your bespoke programme.

3. Who might want to join your Pilates Gym on a Sunday?

Sunday Pilates Gym is a great class for anyone that has a busy schedule throughout the week, or just making the time to do something for yourself that will nourish your body and mind. I always see Sunday movement as such a treat, It’s an opportunity to meet your body where it’s at with gratitude, and take that into the rest of your day- whether you’re going for a woody walk with your pooch, or a chilled out Sunday with the family.

4. Your Reformer is mixed level – are beginners welcome and what can everyone expect from the class?

Beginners are absolutely welcome! This class will build on our principles of movement and I work with you all to create an inclusive space that will challenge, encourage and support each of you. I think it is valuable to book into a beginners class prior if you haven’t yet used a reformer, they run throughout the week and offer a deeper introduction to the equipment at a slower pace to give you the time to settle in.

5. Why do you like teaching Sunday Pilates?

Coming to the studio on a Sunday is ace. To me it’s the same feeling you get when you’re on a sunrise walk- you’re in on a secret that not many people know about and it feels special somehow. We’re all here for the love of it on a Sunday.

6. Why do you love Pilates?

This is a big question. And my answer has definitely evolved over time. It used to be that I loved what it had done for me after rehabilitating from my spinal injury. Pilates, and the teachers supporting me gave me permission to open a dialogue with my own body and really enjoy the exploration of movement again. Now, it is an absolute joy to support and explore that with others. I love Pilates because It is for everyone, and it is individual to everyone.

7. What do you love about Reformer Pilates?

We talk a lot about ‘feedback’ in Pilates. We use feedback to give our body an idea of what it is doing and where it is in space. The reformer is an amazing piece of apparatus that offers support and feedback in order to cultivate space, length and strength in your whole body. Whilst other apparatus in Pilates is generally fixed, the Reformers carriage moves through space. This is what I love about reformer pilates- it allows for dynamism and fluidity that is just so much fun!

Join us on Sundays and experience the magic of Pilates with our new instructor. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, there’s something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you at Chapel Allerton Pilates!

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