Myofascial Release

myofascial release

Myofascial Release in Chapel Allerton What is Myofascia Release? Myofascia release is a gentle, safe and very effective form of massage. Fascia differs from muscles in its makeup, so it requires a different approach. It responds to gentle and sustained light pressure, which allows the fascia to elongate. Myo = muscle, Fascia = a three-dimensional […]

Wednesdays at Chapel Allerton Pilates

Craniosacral Therapy

Join us every Wednesday at Chapel Allerton Pilates Heather Currey is offering Craniosacral Therapy and 1:1 Pilates sessions every Wednesday at Chapel Allerton Pilates.    Both Craniosacral Therapy and Pilates are ways of supporting our health and offer the possibility of release, re-connection, building inner and outer strength, increasing our body awareness and cultivating a healthy nervous […]

The Hendrickson Method

Hendrickson Method

What is Hendrickson Method? Hendrickson Method is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy that combines a remarkable new method of massage called wave mobilization® with joint mobilization and muscle energy technique. It is profoundly relaxing to receive, effortless to perform, and an efficient and effective way to treat acute and chronic pain while […]

Physiotherapy in Chapel Allerton

physiotherapy in chapel allerton

Physiotherapy in Chapel Allerton at Chapel Allerton Pilates Ideal for short term injuries including: neck, shoulder, lower back pain, arm pain, hip, knee and foot injuries and headaches. Physiotherapy treatments start with an assessment to establish a possible cause for the injury and a subsequent diagnosis. Part of your session will involve hands-on work to […]